About Us


Bed-IT Tape was acquired in 2023 by Strategery Distribution, LLC, which operates Bed-IT.com and is owned by a 25-year veteran in the marine equipment industry. We took over the product with the blessing of Rod Collins (aka Maine Sail), who wanted to make sure the product remained available after health issues forced the closing of Compass Marine. We could not be more proud to offer such a well-designed, high-quality product and we are forever grateful to Rod for ensuring it did not disappear from the marketplace.

The Bed-IT product we sell is 100% identical to the product sold by Compass Marine.

Strategery Distribution is located on Bainbridge Island, 8 miles by ferry from the Seattle waterfront. We specialize in select marine and consumer products that make life just a tiny bit easier.

To contact us with questions, comments, or new products to consider, please email hello@bed-it.com or call (206) 437-8160.