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The highly acclaimed butyl-hybrid tape for bedding marine hardware is back and in stock for immediate shipment.

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Bed-It Tape is designed to bed deck hardware on boats. It’s a butyl-hybrid product utilizing a proprietary formulation.

The benefits of Bed-It Tape:

#1   It doesn’t harden and remains at the same thick, flexible consistency.

#2   Because it doesn’t harden, deck hardware can flex and move slightly, keeping the seal intact to reduce or eliminate leaks.

#3    It’s multiple times more flexible than cured polyurethane or polysulfide, both popular bedding sealants.

#4   It sticks extremely well to clean gelcoat, plastic, aluminum, bronze, or stainless.

#5   It’s not a glue, and for through-bolted deck hardware you do not need glue.

#6   Bed-It Tape is easily removed without hours of cleanup or damage to your decks.

#7   Bed-It Tape is specifically formulated to resist cold flow or creep once properly tightened.

Rodd Collins, inventor of Bed-It TapeBed-It Tape was developed when Rod Collins wrote an article about using butyl tape for bedding marine hardware in 2003.  After publication, Rod started to get nasty emails saying the “butyl” did not behave or perform as described. So Rod ordered some butyl tape and tested it.

He quickly discovered that the butyl tapes of today were not what they were in the 1970s. In fact, he disliked them so much he decided to develop a true marine-quality product for this specific purpose.

Rod spent a full year testing multiple formulations and numerous tweaks for the best performance in bedding deck hardware. And when he was finished, Bed-It Tape was born… no longer a typical “butyl tape” but a hybrid elastomer sealant formulated for the job it was intended for.

Bed-It Tape is sold in 50′ rolls, 1/16″ thick by 1/2″ wide. It is specifically engineered and formulated for bedding marine deck hardware and best of all, it’s manufactured right here in the USA supporting US jobs.


We ship worldwide via UPS and the United States Postal Service. We do not charge a handling fee. However, due to box configurations, some quantities are more efficient than others. 

The most efficient shipping cost for US orders is four (4) rolls, which fit in a flat rate box.

International orders: Please note that duties and taxes collected by your government are not estimated here. Some countries may require additional payment at the time of clearance or delivery. Please contact your local taxing authority for details.

All butyls are not the same. Get Bed-it. Great stuff!

– B.L.

The stuff you get from the hardware stores, RV and glass shops is junk after you have used Bed-It.


Bed-seems to remain pliable when exposed to UV pretty much as long as I have used it,  probably 5-6 years.

– J.W.

Bed-IT is specially formulated for bedding marine deck hardware. 50′ roll, 1/2″ wide by 1/16″ thick.

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